Chapter Two: Stocking a Cabin Bar
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Emergency Beer Opener: Piece of Paper

Lots of paper is folded in elementary schools.

“Hamburger-style” is when a piece of rectangular paper is folded in half like this:



“Hot-dog-style” looks like this:



To open a beer with a single sheet of paper, use this folding nomenclature and the following instructions. It’s so easy, even a 2nd-grader can do it. (Please do not teach this method to 2nd-graders.) Use whatever paper you have around:  typing, grocery bag, or even used shooting target. You’ll need a piece that is about 8.5×11″ in size.

paper opener

The last hamburger-style fold will be tough, but muscle it. Hold the beer in one hand and the paper in the other. Using your thumb as a fulcrum, pry up the cap with the paper.



    • I found this technique while doing some research for a beer making class I teach. It’s mostly for fun, but I’ve used the trick in actual beer-emergencies!


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